Paul Chappell - Pastor

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ from Lancaster Baptist Church and West Coast Baptist College! 

I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the ministry of my dear friend, Dr. Kevin Folger. As you may know, he faithfully served the Lord at the Cleveland Baptist Church for over forty years. While there, God used him to develop one of the strongest missions programs in our country. 

In June 2019, Brother Folger resigned from the pastorate and is continuing his missions ministry with an emphasis on the 10/40 window. 

Dr. Folger serves as the North American Director of Spiritual Leadership Asia. In this role, he is helping train national pastors as well as identify national pastors who need extra support in the area of church planting. 

Spiritual Leadership Asia includes conferences for training, supporting, and mentoring servants of the Lord throughout the 10/40 window. I believe we are just beginning to see how God will use this collaborative ministry to plant more churches in the days ahead. 

Let me encourage you to use Brother Folger in your missions conferences, and to join with us as we labor to encourage our brothers in Christ throughout Asia. 

Dr. Folger will be a blessing to you personally, and he will encourage your church to stand for the truth and for souls in this needy hour. 

May God richly bless you. Have a great day!

Peter Folger - Pastor

I am honored to be asked to write a letter of recommendation for my dad, Kevin Folger, the North American Director of Spiritual Leadership Asia. Kevin Folger, a 1978 graduate of Baptist Bible College, served on the staff of Cleveland Baptist Church for 41 years, 24 of those years as Pastor. He is a dynamic preacher, a man of absolute integrity, and is well respected among those he has ministered too and with. 

In the late 1970s, my dad had a burden for the Far East which led him to take a missions trip to Singapore. He thought the Lord might be directing him to a ministry in that part of the world. Sensing that the Lord was not in it, he remained faithful by serving on the pastoral team at CBC. Eventually he was chosen by the members of Cleveland Baptist to be their next pastor and was installed as such on September 3, 1995. After many years in the pastorate, he began to contemplate what the Lord would have for him after his time was completed as a pastor. It was then that the Lord began to stir his heart again for the many unreached people in this same part of the world he had been burdened for 40 years earlier. The Lord opened the door for him to serve as the North American Director of Spiritual Leadership Asia, bringing him full circle in his life and ministry.

Today he travels extensively throughout North America raising awareness for the need in that part of the world, encouraging folks to give and pray. He also looks forward to the time when he can travel there and work directly with the pastors and Christian leaders to train, mentor, and assist them in the work God has given them to do. He is instrumental in the Spiritual Leadership Conference Asia which attracts thousands of Christian ministry leaders every two years in Manila. If you are looking for a worthy investment for your missions’ budget, this is it! If you are looking for someone to keynote your missions conference, you won’t be disappointed in calling him. If you need a revival preacher, pulpit supply, or couples conference speaker, he will be a blessing to you and your church family. May God bless you as you impact your part of the world for Christ in these last days!

Don Sisk - President Emeritus BIMI

It is with great confidence that I write a note of recommendation for my dear friend, Dr Kevin Folger. I have known Dr. Folger for more years than either he or I would like to admit. I have never heard anything but good things about this dear man of God.

Dr. Folger has been used greatly as an Assistant Pastor for many years. Then as the Senior Pastor of Cleveland Baptist Church. He has been and continues to be a mentor to many younger pastors. For several years he served on the board of trustees of BIMI. His words of wisdom were a great help. 

Dr Folger is an excellent preacher of the Word of God. He will be a great help to any church that has him. He has a great desire to get the Gospel to the world. 


Dave Hardy

I have been privileged to know Kevin Folger for thirty years. I have enjoyed and benefited from his friendship. He is a man of integrity. His personal life, his family and his ministry at Cleveland Baptist Church attest to that. He is personable and skilled in the Word with high standards of holiness to reflect the God he serves. You will be blessed by his ministry.

Tim Rabon - Pastor

It is my joy to recommend Dr. Kevin Folger's ministry to you.  Brother Folger and his wife Denise are wonderful Christians and fine servants of our God.  Sharon and I count them as friends and fellow laborers in the Lord’s work.

Brother Folger was a faithful assistant pastor and then the pastor at Cleveland Baptist Church before transitioning into the role of North American Director of Spiritual Leadership Asia.  He has a heart for the Lord, the local church, and the lost around the world, but especially in the 10/40 window.

The Folgers’ lives and testimonies are undergirded by their faithfulness to each other and the family they have reared for the Lord.  Without hesitation, I recommend them to you to have in your church and to support them as they raise awareness of the spiritual needs of the Far East.

Pastor Tim Rabon

Beacon Baptist Church

Raleigh, NC

Buddy Himes - Pastor

It is my privilege to have known Brother Kevin Folger since I was a teenager. It was a tremendous blessing to have him present to our church as I am a young pastor. Not only is Spiritual Leadership Asia an incredible ministry that we are excited to support, but I also appreciate the testimony of faithful service to the Lord that Brother Folger has shown for decades. If you have him in your church, you and your church will be edified, equipped, and encouraged. I highly recommend him to any Pastor.

Pastor Buddy Himes

Southwest Baptist Church

Midland, TX

 Chris Chadwick - Pastor

I take great pleasure in recommending my friend Pastor Kevin Folger as a preacher, speaker, and champion of missions. He and his wife Denise have been to Canyon Ridge Baptist Church several times as our guests and have always been a huge encouragement to the church family. When Bro. Folger speaks, people walk away exhorted by the word of God, his personal example and kind spirit. My wife Debbie and I are consistently helped by their ministry, and I am incredibly humbled not only to have him at Canyon Ridge Baptist Church regularly, but to call him a personal friend.

Pastors, if your goal is to energize, encourage, and exhort your church, especially in the area of missions, please consider Bro. Kevin Folger

 Most Sincerely,

 Chris Chadwick – Pastor


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